Simple Unattended Funeral

A simple unattended funeral is a respectful way to honour your loved one. Our team will take care of your loved one to ensure they receive a respectful farewell.

An unattended funeral is a funeral that isn’t witnessed by family or friends of the person who has died. Instead, the cremation takes place privately at the crematorium. Our team will take care of your loved one from the moment they are in our care. Once the unattended funeral has taken place, you will be able to collect your loved one’s ashes. If you wish you can hold a memorial service at a time that is right for your family and friends.


  • Our professionals help to arrange and guide you through completing official paperwork
  • Booking the crematorium
  • Keeping contact throughout
  • Collection and delivery of your loved one into our care
  • Care of your loved one before the cremation
  • Provision of coffin
  • Transportation of Deceased to crematorium
  • Collection of Ashes from branch
  • We will also put your loved ones name in our “In Memory Book” which will be accessible to you or anyone who wishes to see it at our Funeral Home
  • Crematorium Fees
  • Doctor Fees
  • Return of Ashes
  • Courier of Ashes
  • Surgical removal of pacemaker
  • Out of hours collection
  • Flowers

Included Services

Simple Unattended Funeral £999.00

Professional Services

Professional help & guidance

Completion of paperwork

Booking the crematorium

Provision of coffin

Collection and care of loved one

Transportation to crematorium

Collection of ashes from W&G

Keeping contact throughout


Crematorium Fees

Doctors Fees

Pay a 50% deposit on package
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