Our Glitch-Free Process

We refer to our funeral planning and process as glitch-free because of its transparency and ease of use.

Every Step of the process is characterized by:

Compassion and empathy

Willow & Green is commended for their compassion and empathy. All staff is trained and able to help families choose the most appropriate funeral services.


Practical help and guidance.


Funerals are very personal and private life events. We empower families to take complete control and arrange memorial services at a time and place most convenient for the families. Family involvement with the arrangements are encouraged to show their love and support.


Already popular in America we are working to offer Resonation in Kent.

Good value service

We offer a transparent yet affordable service. We even go the extra mile and offer clients the option of funeral finance at 0% APR. Funerals shouldn't cost the earth.

Religious sensitivity

The services offered by Willow & Green are suitable for most religious in the UK. we endeavour to accommodate religious customs and preferences.