Things to Consider


From simple to elaborate, we have options for you. Whether you would like to arrange a green funeral, religious funeral or a personalised funeral, we’ve thought of it all to make it easier for you to choose.

  • Coffins and caskets may serve different roles. They are a resting place and may also be a centrepiece during the funeral service. We offer a broad range of coffin and casket styles, made from various materials, at fair prices.

  • For centuries, funeral flowers have been an integral part of memorial services, offering a welcome addition of colour and beauty. The choice of flowers can add a personal touch. We offer locally produced, sustainable options.

  • Like many of our clients, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. Our innovative, eco-friendly funeral procedures reduce carbon emissions at no additional cost to you.

  • Headstones and monumental masonry represent the timeless tradition of honouring our loved one. These as well as new innovative monumental options are available for you to choose from.

  • Families of all religions are welcome. If you have religious or cultural traditions or requirements, we will gladly accommodate you.

  • We have specialised transport vehicles and well-trained staff. We can take your loved one into our care 24 hours a day. Hearses and family transport to the committal can also be arranged.

  • Following a cremation, you have choices. Included are scattering ashes in a special place, interring them at a church or cemetery, or holding on to them as a lasting memory of your loved one.

  • Funerals can be expensive and are often unexpected. We offer different funeral packages from simple to elaborate, all transparently priced. We also offer funeral finance on some of our packages at 0% APR.