Who We Are


Compassion and Respect

At Willow & Green, we’re known for our compassion and respect – for people and the earth. Our staff is trained to help families choose funeral services that fit their needs and budgets.


Practical Help and Guidance

All tasks that require specialist knowledge and equipment will be conducted by Willow & Green.


Empowering Families

Funerals are very personal and private life events. We empower families to take complete control and arrange memorial services at a time and place most convenient for the families. Family involvement with the arrangements are encouraged to show their love and support.


Caring for the Earth

We are in the process of providing in Kent the earth-friendly alternative of water cremation. Already growing in popularity in America, We will be providing Water cremation in Kent so all our processes and services are geared towards sustainability


Quality Service at a Value

Funerals have had traditionally high-cost expenses, but they don’t have to. With Willow & Green, you don’t have to worry about excessive price charging. Our green practices also allow us to keep our costs down. Water cremation, for example, costs 25% less than cremation.


Religious Services Availability

We offer faith-based services at Willow & Green to meet as many individual needs as we can. Our religious services include Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Humanist, Islamic, and Sikh.